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Apr 13 '12

DC Comics to launch digital “Ame-Comi Girls” by Conner/Grey/Palmiotti



Next month DC Comics will launch a new digital comic that will feature the the Manga versions of DC’s female characters as seen a series of popular statues.

The series will be drawn by Amanda Conner and written by the team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Grey.

Here’s a look at the art.

I’ll be back with some thoughts.

Well, I am hopelessly devoted to Amanda Conner, but this reminds me of when Marvel did their whole Mangaverse thing, and that was…mediocre.

Now, I have a lot of trust in Palmiotti and Gray (as well as Conner), but this concept….well, it makes sense with Conner’s art, but it seems like they are just slapping her on a random title. She is one of the top artists, and female, they should put her on some more books that will come out in the stores, not just digital. Same with Palmiotti and Gray, two of the most incredible writers imho.  Put them on some in canon stuff!

Also, I don’t buy digital comics, so I hope they do what they’ve done with Batman Beyond and publish it at a later date in paper format. I would almost buy digital comics for this, except I believe in comic stores.


(Source: USA Today)

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    This is either going to be the best thing ever or the worst.
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    The Cass one makes me cry…
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    With the exception of the G-Force Batgirl, I have really disliked the Ame-Comi Girls line. However, I really love the...
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    Pro-tip: Making the eyes slightly bigger and the outfits skimpier does not make it manga.
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    excuse me, there is a hole I need to crawl into before I break something.
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    I love this team enough to be okay with anything they release … however… Really, DC? Really?
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    I would read it.
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    I’m thinking they’re just using manga as a buzz word to try and get female audiences interested. (Considering the huge...
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    Sooooo, we’re just taking the Japanese Ameri-Comi styled costumes, which were sometimes more revealing and less...
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    That don’t look very manga to me. Seems to me quite a blatant attempt to bring in the teenage girls demographic, and I’m...